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 ♪… Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again…♪

Hey girls and boys!
Today I posting with a special friend… ♥

he is very dearest and one of my best partners… in everything!

We laught… we fight… but in the end we always are “you and me”… “he and she”… 🙂
I bring you news from GOS (our boots)… about the rest? Well… some stuff we had in the inventory… no big news… some good stores like… NV, HOD, Rozoregalia, Steinwerk, Shade Throne, Dura, Boon and Mandala.
Hope you like it!


His outfit:

Hair – *Dura-Boy28*(Black)
Coat – [NV] Rebel Coat -Black-
Pants – [NV] Hipster Jeans -Blue-
Boots – [Gos] Aviator Boots – Yeager in Black [Bagged] – NEW
Necklace – – .HoD. – Mercenary Men’s Necklace
Glasses – [SteinWerk] – GT Sunglasses

Her outfit:

Hair – *booN TUN247 hair blonde
Shirt – []
Coat – [NV] Rebel Coat -Brown-
Pants – [NV] UFF PANTS Used-wash
Boots – [Gos] Aviator Boots – Amelia in Camel  – NEW
Gloves – Izzie’s – Leather Gloves   – black
Sunglasses – [Gos] – Butterfly Sunglasses Bagged
Earring – [[SHADE THRONE]] RACHEL earrings
Belts – ~Pepper~ Double Belt

Poses – Purple Poses


♪… Shine a light through an open door
Love and life I will divide
Turn away cause I need you more
Feel the heartbeat in my mind

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny
But I’ve gotta let it go

We found love in a hopeless place … 

Hey girls!!

I’m a bit sick but i’m hear making a post just for ya 🙂 I bring you the news from *Crazy* and Sticky Fingers!

The cute dress cames in 6 colours and you can choose it like your taste 😛

About the shoes… You can use them with a sock or without it… you choose! 😀

So i guess it’s all…

Muackk muaackk,

Tyta Brianna

I’m wearing:

Hair – [LeLutka]-LOOSE hair

Necklace – ASO! Holy Christmas Necklace

Earrings – Earring Sterling Silve Gold Huge-Hoop      –RYCA

Dress – :STICKY FINGERS: My sepia cable knit sweater dress *NEW*

Nails – Mstyle Long Nails Classic – GOLD


Sandals – *Crazy* Sentenced Shoes & Socks *NEW*

Poses from Purple Poses.


♪ … be Italian 
when you hold me don’t just hold me but hold this
please be gentle, sentimental 
go ahead and try to give my cheek a pat 
but be daring and uncaring 
when you pinch me try to pinch me where there’s fat … 

Hey girls 🙂

Hope you’re all fine…

Well about today’s post? News from SU! (the slutty skirt) that is all prim and cames with a black panties to use inside… but it’s great. New’s also from Delicious… the amazing collar that  Bella is using!

Bella’s using also Glam Affair today, the bra and pants… great too! Love that outfit… it rocks, don’t you agree? 😛


Tyta Brianna

Bella’s outfit:

Hair – tram A816 hair / beige
outfit – –Glam Affair– Xania Black
Boots – P10 Persephone Boots black
Collar – ..::DeliciouS::.. Adamantium Prisoner – NEW
Earring – RYCA – CF Platinum
Bracelets – Osakki // HAMURED
Cigar – [NikotiN] Cig’_Lady_Black/Black
Cap – [SISU] M44- Black Crusher Cap

Tyta’s outfit:

Hair – >TRUTH< Liv – browns
Top – [LeeZu!] Cloe Top /plain black
Necklace – – .HoD. – Fallen Version 2 Necklace (Male/Female Sizes)
Skirt – –SU!– Slutty Skirt Black – NEW
Bracelets – :Fusion: Multi Chained Bracelets (Silver)
Piercing – <-Puncture-> Gemstone Navel Piercing
Nails – Mstyle Perfect Long Nails – BLACK
Boots – :PixelFashion: Ultimate Boots black 2.0.x
Garther – ** Bitch Garter

Poses from Glitterati and Purple Poses.

… I’ve got…
A plan for what I’m gonna
Do to you,
So hot …

Heya!! ;)
Here we are again, like Tyta promise and showing you some more good news 🙂
First of all, the new dress from Paper-doll that i particulary think is so well done, and incredible cute (Tyta’s wearing)… and for me?

Well… i’m using the new Bad Romance dress that is so sexy, damn! haha
About the rest… well hairs from Truth, mine is recent release. Jewelery from Glow, Zenith, Mstyle, Ryca and League!
And shoes from N-Core and Diktator 😉
Hope you like it 🙂



Isabella’s outfit:

Hair – >TRUTH< Clara –  black & whites – espresso
Dress – –(BR)- You rock! /Dress/ Leo  – Black – NEW
Shoes – N-core ILLUSION XtremeHeel “Silver”
Necklace/Earring – RYCA – CF Platinum  | RYCA – CHOKER LSG PLATINUM
Bracelets – RYCA – Bracelet CUBU-Q Silver


Tyta’s outfit:

Hair – TRUTH HAIR Clementine –  blondes
Earrings – [ glow ] Studio  ALLSTARs Earrings (purple,blue, green) TDR
Necklace – *League* Vintage Jewellery Set (FLF)
Bracelets – =Zenith=Dice Bracelet & Ring Set (Black&Red)
Ring –  Mstyle Midnight Dome Ring
Dress – –paper.doll– Meg: Navy – NEW
Shoes – [Diktator]-HEAT (NUDE)


Poses – Glitterati

♪ …This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet
I don’t need to taste to believe
What’s December without Christmas Eve… ♪

Hey girls!!

Perfect Wardrobe is open so what are you waiting for? Taxi here.

Me and Bella  made this cute look @ Thati’s sim (thanks my love ❥)… with many stuff from Perfect Wardrobe!

And… the new boots from Gos (Bella’s using)… That’s it!


Tyta Brianna


Bella’s outfit:

Hair – >TRUTH< Summer – black & whites – snow
makeup – Izzie’s – Baby it’s cold outside NEW (Perfect Wardrobe)
shirt – []
Jacket – [W] Me loves Winterview Jacket – NEW – (Perfect Wardrobe)
Pants – =Zenith=(Deep Blue)Push Down Jeans(Unisex) – NEW
gloves – Izzie’s – Leather Gloves – NEW
Boots – [Gos] Aviator Boots – Amelia in Camel [Bagged] – NEW
Necklace – [ glow ] Necklace Vintage Owl (2 styles)


Tyta’s outfit:

Hair – [y] Adele – Winter Pack Black/Blond – NEW – (Perfect Wardrobe)
Sweater – SOURIRES – Colored Sweater (Femme) – NEW – (Perfect Wardrobe)
Top, Pants and Boots – [ SAKIDE ] Winter Survivor for – NEW – (Perfect Wardrobe)
Make-up – Public Enemy – Lights Up Eye Make Up – NEW
Gloves – Izzie’s – Leather Gloves – NEW


Poses from -.label motion.- (Perfect Wardrobe) NEW

…  Like a flower bending in the breeze
Bend with me, sway with ease …

Hey everyone! ;)
Here we are again… and yes… again with news!

Damn these last days has been hard to follow all the new stuff released… and we hope we don-t forget anything!
Ok… news from Zenith… Tyta is using the new sweater and pants, that are unisex so… boys! Tips for you too
Boto is using the new JP sweater… amazing textures and i think this one is so funny! lol
And for me? Well… I’m using the new sweater from NV and the new hair from Truth!
Go ahead people… and just be happy =)

Tyta’s outfit:

Hair – TRUTH HAIR Erika –  blondes
Earrings – EarthStones Lia Earrings – Tourmaline/Silver
Sweater – =Zenith=(White)Square Sweater(Female) NEW
Pants – =Zenith=(Blue)Push Down Jeans NEW
Flats – {mon tissu} Cottage Flats
Ring – [DDL] LaLaLa 2

Boto’s outfit:

Skin – *Birth* Nico Skin
Shape – costumized shape by Jaay Tiratzo (Sweetsin)
Hair – *Dura-Boys&Girls*27
Pants – [NV] Skinny Baggy
Jacket – [ JP ]:dsg. Navajo-Hoodie/Black-Print  NEW
Boots – drd bootslazybuckmulti (box)

Isabella’s outfit:

Hair – TRUTH HAIR Blair – snow – NEW
Sweater – [NV] Sweater *RAVE* -Blue- – NEW
Short – *League* Crochet Shorts –
Socks – Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks  * ColorSet 2
Mouthpiece – ::LEO-NT:: Penguin *KUKI* – recent release

Poses – Purple Poses

And all along I believed
I would find you
Time has brought 
Your heart to me … 

Heya girls! 🙂

Here we are again to begin a wonderful day! And what about more news? lol Izzie just released some good stuff, including one for the 4th edition of Perfect Wardrobe, that will begin tomorrow, Monday Nov 28th, with the theme is Winter Wonderland.

So c’mon ladies, let’s smile cuz tomorrow will be a very good day 😀 yay

Hope you like it! 😉


Tyta Brianna :*

Isabella’s outfit:

Hair – >TRUTH< Mariska – espresso
Lingerie – *BOOM* I Promise (cotton candy and baby blue)
Blazer – Izzie’s – Suede Blazer white – NEW
Skirt – *T.Whore*- Vintage High Skirt White
Shoes – SIMILAR cariddi white shoes
Earring and Necklace – *League* Vintage Jewellery Set (FLF)
Ring – [DDL] LaLaLa 1

Tyta’s outfit:

Hair – [kik]hair-Libby(dirty blonde-ginger))
Blazer – Izzie’s – Suede Blazer beige
Top – {Gisaci} Off Shoulder Boucle Sweater – French Tulip
Pants – [Cynful] Modest Flare Jeans – Light Grey
Shoes – Mstyle RIVEA Pumps – Taupe
Face tattoo – Izzie’s – Baby it’s cold outside (Perfect Wardrobe)

Poses from Glitterati.