♪ … I never wanted to be your weekend lover
I only wanted to be some kind of friend
baby I could never steal you from another
it’s such a shame our friendship had to end … ♪

Hi girls..!!! :)

Already know the recent launching of the N-Core?

Do not let go, because the sandal is perfect.!!

Do not forget to go until the “Perfect Wardrobe,” is full of news for you guys.

Also in the news frim Cynfull and Celoe ….!!

Ready girls tips in hand, is now so enjoy !!! :)





Hair – (r)M ~ Hair No.20 ( c o o l B l o n d s )
Bodysuit – Blah. (My Tight Bodysuit – Grey)
Blazer – [Cynful] Soho Blazer – Black  – NEW
Shoes – N-core EMPORIUM “Pure Black” – NEW
Nechlace – Celoe – [celoe.abihail.necklace.oman] – mesh – NEW
Bag – ~Pepper~ Animal Mesh Bag –perfect wardrobe-
Poses – Label Motion